Andrew Pennekamp

Andrew Pennekamp

Wise Guy

YOGA: stay flexible friends, I'll add short bursts to my workouts, occasionally.

Anyone else ever workout so much they felt like they needed an extended stay in a hospital...been there, prefer to be consistent and not go there again.

I don't like to tell anyone my max weight for lifts or PRs.  Let's keep those quiet, then on off days you have no idea that I'm actually going light.

My favorite machine is the bike, it is best paired with Wall Balls, Box step ups, Burpee box over, or deadlift.  Bring it on.

The Ski erg plays into strengths and my history as a swimmer, bring on the butterfly motion and keep up if you can.


Coached football for 9 years

Coached girls youth basketball.

Basically I can handle how to get you strong while smiling the entire time and let things roll off my back.  

Games, warmup games, love them, expect a good warm up but pair it with some whacky challenge.  Obstacle courses are my favorite to plan and execute, but team flippy cup was also a solid game.

About Coach

The first workout I did with High Vibe was The Murph in 2019, which was the beginning of my gym journey. I did wait nearly a year before I joined High Vibe in 2020. 2020 brought new challenges and I was encouraged to do a cool CrossFit competition in Green Bay that fall. I started going to get a master's degree that fall as well and between the gym, school, coaching basketball, and work I've been on a whirlwind journey that has leveled up the awesomeness that is Andy, okay maybe I'll never win a competition but I'm here to have fun, chat with the people and get a good workout. Started coaching in 2022, because why not bring some Pennekamp fun to the gym workouts. Guaranteed to have a challenging fun time.

Turning Point

My gym frenemy is Jamie Klein, that jerk can do muscle-ups. One day I will beat Jamie at a cardio workout and leave him in a puddle of his own despair. As Jamie cardio coughs and rolls on the floor, I will stand over top of him and sing "I'm Sexy and I Know It" until such a time that he concedes my amazing abilities are vastly better than his. (wiggle wiggle wiggle yah)

Motivation & Passion

It took me a month or more to get used to the social aspects of the gym. Then one day I made the mistake of calling out a young lady, who will remain anonymous (cough Cora), and let her know that the bag was not going to punch itself. From that day forward she challenged me and brought a bit of competitive fun to workouts. I made more and more friends were made and it kept me motivated to keep coming. I am a morning crew member and you need a reason to get out of bed at 5:00 am, these gym people make that so easy to wake up, I hate missing a morning session. Also, I'm told the gym is a lot quieter without me there, hard to believe.

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