Hampton Grim

Hampton Grim

CrossFit Coach

Pull-ups and Muscle Ups
Handstand push ups and handstand walks
I love running, I’m not fast but that’s okay I still love it!
Barbell and strength movements are my favorite anything at the bar you can catch me there!


Working towards my CrossFit level 1 coaching certification.

About Coach

I played every sport imaginable growing up. Baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis. You name it I probably tried it or wanted to. After graduating from high school I lost that competitive feeling, so I got into CrossFit. CrossFit instantly humbled me. I thought I was in shape due to all the sports I played growing up but I realized there is so much more I could accomplish through CrossFit. I realized I wasn’t the big bad kid who was invincible. I watched people twice if not 3 times my age absolutely wipe the floor with me and beat me in almost everything. And all it did for me is make me want more, make me want to learn and grow. So now as a coach, I understand everyone starts from somewhere. Some further along than others. But no matter where you start, beginner or expert (in my case self-proclaimed expert) everyone can always learn something more and get a little better.

Turning Point

My enemy is always myself. Everyday fighting that internal battle to be healthy, workout, eat right. every day it’s a battle. And sometimes I lose. Sometimes I lose a lot. Until that one day, you look in the mirror and you don’t quite like what you see anymore. So you decide to make a change. And you stick to that change. Because that image of what you saw in the mirror, sticks with you it motivates you. To be a better you.

Motivation & Passion

My motivation for coaching is to help those seeking what they are looking for internally or externally. Body confidence, self-confidence, courage, or even just to bring a smile to your face when you see an improvement. It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a challenge, and it’s a challenge for me, but we’re all human. We’re all problem solvers. So let’s identify, and tackle it head-on. Day in and day out.

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