Jamie Klein

Jamie Klein


I am a runner and a fighter. I spent years training and competing in long distances, the cardio pain cave is my happy place. I'm particularly proud of two sub 3hr marathons and qualifying for Boston twice (2007 and 2015). I had an amateur mixed martial arts career, with a record of 10-1. I fought at welterweight and light weight in Wisconsin, Ohio and Kentucky, winning two amateur titles.


I have been competing, coaching and fitnessing in general my whole life. I can't point to any specific degrees or certifications, but I have three decades of working out under my belt so I feel like I've accumulated some useful knowledge over the years. From coaching high schoolers, to leading Marines, to training alongside professional fighters or casual hobbyists, I'm confident that my experience and perspective add value to any fitness space.

About Coach

I started doing fitness with a passion when I was about 10 years old. I am one of 13 children so every day involved some form of physical endeavor. My mom was the first to introduce me to running and lifting; she dragged me on runs and showed me how to curl and bench with her plastic-coated cement dumbbells in our backyard. My older brother provided guidance in organized sports; he pushed me to wrestle and run. After high school I poured myself into Marine Corps fitness, marathon running, all things cardio, and now CrossFit which is an awesome combination of all things sport...minus the balls, which I was never good at anyways. Fitness is where I found my identity (which I acknowledge is not completely healthy), where I found my friends, and my wife (which made it all worth it in the end).

Turning Point

I have had countless turning points throughout my fitness journey; both big and small. I think most people consider turning points to be those big moments when you commit yourself to something, those big moments when the sky opens up and the heavens fill you with passion, the times when someone or something drives you to push yourself for something great. I have had plenty of those moments and they are exactly that, just moments, they come and they go; just like motivation. And let me tell you something about motivation, she is a fickle bitch, she comes and then she goes. The turning points that are important to me are the small ones; getting up early day in and day out, making time to get the work in, making small healthy choices every day, and committing to a regimen. Small daily decisions are the turning points that foster discipline and consistency; these turning points are the ones that matter and are what drive positive change across time.

Motivation & Passion

My early years working out have grown into a lifelong passion for all things fitness; training for marathons, going through fight camps, preparing for deployments, and just generally chasing that endorphin dragon...he likes to be caught. I love working out, I love the feeling of pure exhaustion after slaying a monster workout, and I want people around me to experience that same joy.

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