Kimberly Pink

Kimberly Pink

Coach Pink

My IMPACT SCORE was over 100,000 in one kickboxing class. I completed the Cardio Queen's 300+ burpee workout without dying. I'm not the fastest, strongest, or skinniest, but being self-aware means I consistently show up for my health, my family, and me.


BA in Elementary Education with an English Minor

FiTOUR Kickboxing Certification

Drug Impairment Training for Educational Professionals

QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper

About Coach

I don't identify as an "athlete". I grew up on a dairy farm one of 8 kids, with lots of chores and responsibilities. I never "exercised" but could unload wagons of hay all day. Horses were my first love; I have more rodeo memorabilia than sports awards. I played volleyball and basketball, but by the time I was in high school, I was at EVERY sporting the drum major (my mother is a music teacher)! My career in teaching came naturally to me (the leadership, structure, time management, goal-setting, organization, and activity), and coaching at High Vibe is a healthy extension of that passion.

Turning Point

My membership at High Vibe was the first time I focused on something for myself. Coming from a large family, years of teaching, being a wife and a mother, all focused on giving to others or putting others before myself. Don't get me wrong - family and my career are both blessings and of great value, but I was "stuck". At High Vibe, I burned calories, anxiety, and stress, and started building confidence, strength, and stamina, all of which have made me a better wife, mother, and teacher. My current position in life is a reflection of where I have been, where I come from - I can't move forward if I don't identify how I ended up here. Both moments of success and failure helped me grow and go forward.

Motivation & Passion

I have a great appreciation for all our gym members, athletes, and non-athletes, and encourage their participation. There's a great mix of coaching styles and classes for everyone. We start the week focused on arms, legs, and cardio. My Thursday Kickboxing is a mix of all three with some humor to help you finish Friday strong. High Vibe is more than a place to sweat; it's a community of believers who work at physical, mental, and emotional health together. High Vibe gives and gives and gives. As a gym member, willpower alone has not helped me achieve. As a coach, I want to give you the accountability and possibility of change and reaching goals. I will come alongside you and invest time, offer perspective, adjust plans, and celebrate your success!

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