Missy Sperle

Missy Sperle


I have mastered the art of double-unders! I stepped out of my comfort zone to do a Crossfit Competition outside of High Vibe.  I completed the Grace WOD during a competition under the time cap with the competition weight-something I never thought my shoulder would allow me to do!


Kickboxing Certification,

Previously an ACE Group Fitness Certification,

Masters Degree in Teaching

About Coach

Coaching has always been in my blood. I started coaching high school athletes when I was still in college. I love to help motivate others and see things in them that they cannot yet see in themselves. Having real relationships with my players allowed me to get the most of them because they trusted me and knew I believed in them. They took risks. They worked hard. I am a teacher and I believe these qualities help me build relationships with my students as well. Coaching in a gym combines my passions for coaching, teaching, and fitness all into one. I love to see people succeed and reach goals and I feel honored to be part of that journey with them. I was always athletic growing up. I played volleyball, basketball, and softball, with my true love being basketball. As an adult, I have completed more than a dozen half-marathons, one full marathon, a half Ironman, a Tough Mudder and have recently begun competing in Crossfit Competitions.

Turning Point

I think my first big turning point in life was when I lost a high school basketball player in a car accident. The little things I worried about didn't seem to matter anymore and I wanted to remember her by living in a way that she did. She was full of life, positive, so much potential. At that moment, I decided I wasn't going to sweat the small stuff. I was going to appreciate each day I was given, regardless of the struggles that may ensue. She never backed down to any challenge so I have tried to live that way too. I have tried new things that I may not have tried in the past. I still put energy into things that don't serve me and I am continually working on that, but I feel like that time in my life impacted how I try and live my life today. <br /> Another major turning point for me was when I made the jump to join High Vibe. I had been working out at a gym in my home town but had always put limitations on myself. I was surrounded by like-minded people, but I needed something more. The day I stepped foot into High Vibe was a day I will never forget. Despite the drive, I gradually began driving over more and more because of the way the coaches made me feel and the things I was accomplishing that I never really thought I could. I owe a lot of that to the coaches. When I was approached to coach, I immediately said yes! I had coached fitness classes before and I enjoyed the ability to help others, motivate others, and put my energies into something positive. I wanted to coach like the High Vibe Coaches I experienced that made me love High Vibe and add to the outstanding coaching staff that was there. I was worried about making the jump over to High Vibe because I didn't want to disappoint the people that I had worked out with at my previous gym. I wish I would have made the jump earlier because I am finding myself, I am realizing what I am capable of and I am a part of an amazing fitness family.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to help clients succeed in reaching personal goals they have set for themselves. I want everyone to know that fitness can be for them, wherever they are at, wherever they want to go. When people walk away from my class, I want them to feel a sense of pride in what they were just able to accomplish. I want people to feel supported in their fitness journey, whether they are extremely fit or just starting their journey. There is something for everyone in my classes. I also want people to realize that working out can be fun. It's not about getting skinny. It's about empowering yourself to become strong physically and mentally. My motivation is to help bring out the best in others and achieve things they never thought they could.

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