Rachael Schroeder

Rachael Schroeder


*Earned the nickname "Cardio Queen".
*Proud to say "I LOVE Burpees!"
*Ran a half marathon.
*Conquered the rope.


Kick Boxing Certification

Cross Fit Judges Course

BS Psychology

Played 2 sports in College

Coached College Basketball, AAU Basketball, JV Basketball, Freshman Volleyball

About Coach

I have always been a "tomboy". I grew up surrounded by all boy neighbors. Everyday I would call all those boys and tell them what time and where to meet, as well as which sport we were going to be playing that day. This might sound bossy, but I was competitive. AND I LOVED the feeling of being part of a team. Because of my young interest in sports, I experienced a lot of success in High School. I played varsity volleyball, softball, and basketball as a sophomore. I was all conference in all 3 sports as both a junior and a senior. I went on to play college basketball and softball at UW-Platteville. After graduating, I coached a wide variety of sports, teams and levels. Everything from teaching swimming lessons and coaching t-ball, to running college basketball camps and recruiting college athletes.

Turning Point

After all those years being involved in the sports I loved, playing an intricate part of so many teams, and feeding from other people’s energy and them from mine, I let 1 unfortunate incident, with someone in a powerful position, take it all away from me. For the longest time I blamed that person. I completely stepped away from basketball. And exercise. And endorphins that were so good for my mental health. Every time I walked in a gym or near a ball I had panic attacks. I gained a ton of weight. I was sad and lonely. I was consumed with what had happened. But after some soul searching I realized I needed to stop giving other people power. I spent my whole life trying to make other people happy and sometimes it was at my own expense. What I realized in that time, is that it is ok to do some things for myself. To make ME happy. And when I thought about what made ME happy the most, what I was truly missing, was my team. Sports are about so much more to me than just the ball, or the bat, or the hoop. It's about working together toward common goals. It's about like minded individuals who are willing to sprawl out on the floor, in a sweaty pool, exhausted after they laid out everything they had, for themselves and for their team. When part of the right team, you are there for your teammates...AND your teammates are there for you too.

Motivation & Passion

I have a Division 1, ALL- Star, Championship team at home. They make me happy every day. But in addition to that team, I want to be part of a team who is coming to the gym for a little ME time. I want to coach the athlete who is willing to take 45 minutes out of their day from their home team, away team, work team, to focus on giving 100% to the me team. I want to empower the self-denying teammate who gives themselves up all day every day, to realize this time is NOT selfish. This time makes us better. It makes us a better partner, parent, friend, coworker, daughter/son, pet owner. It allows us to clear our minds, strengthen our bodies, become more healthy, and be bad a$$! So come join our team...do it for “ME!”

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